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The medieval town in the north of Mallorca offers great opportunities for people to recollect. For many of Majorca’s towns were actually built several miles towards the inland to provide great protection against some marauding pirates. There are also the port & coastal areas which were only developed in like more recent times as the tourism industry became a major source of good income for the island.

This is a place that is a  perfectly restored walled city on the pretty obvious site of a Roman settlement, with  great remains of Roman houses along with an amphitheatre. This is also a gem of a place, a nice maze of narrow streets that is also enclosed b some medieval ramparts that have been ideally and carefully restored as part of good Mallorca’s new tourist image.

For people of Britain visiting this place, this other side of Europe has a lot to offer.Alcudia could be a good place to grab some stuff as you go shopping. Along with everything from  some high-end boutiques to even your typical souvenir stands, just feel comfortable with the stuff they offer. People from London would also get a twists when they would be able to visit an authentic Majorcan market experience that is actually nearby Puerto Pollensa  and tends to have a very fantastic market with  nice stalls piled high with the amazing, freshest produce and also handmade crafts.

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Some of the travel companies believe that they are capable to give a very well Majorca ride to families. Thus, you may want to contact these agencies in case you are planning a trip to Alcudia:-

a) Hays Travel agencies

They claim to be the largest travel agency for family vacations in London. In the case of Alcudia may be one could rust them for simple beach holidays or an all inclusive holidays from London.  If planning for next year trip, one may want to hurry up as they have some plans already set out. You can get more details from their website:- Alcudia 2016 family holidays

Call: 0800 408 4048

From your mobile: 0191 457 0059
Already booked: 0333 033 9985
Hays Travel Limited
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Tyne and Wear
Registered in Great Britain No. 1990682
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Hays travel
Hays travel
b) First Choice
This is yet another service in London which can help you or assist you in making a wise choice about the family trip to Alcudia. In fact, they majorly categorize some worth visiting places in Majorca which one ca pay a visit to and they surely do have Alcudia on the list.
You can find more on how they plan a trip to Alcudia and what they are likely to show, if booked through their site by clicking First Choice Alcudia holidays in 2016

You can always choose to look at other sites in London which may be planning a great visit to Alcudia. A couple of new tourist guides have sprung up and more options does give a wider choice.

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