November news from Alcudia

All year round hotel in Alcudia

Port d’Alcúdia is already full of several hotels for tourists. To add to the choices, a new hotel has now : the Sunwing Alcudia Beach. The hotel has about 460 rooms is welcomes tourists all year long.

Some hotels in Port d’Alcudia have a winter break during this season. Majorca also has cycling tourism. Athletes from around the world come here and work out in the winter and spring on the island, which is considered the paradise for cyclists. Then again the tourist season starts.

Proposed eco tax in Alcudia

Many parties are interested in a share of the proposed eco-tax. Now the municipality of Alcúdia has expressed its claim on portion (up to 2 euros per person per night) for the redirection of the new high-voltage line.

Most expensive street near Alcudia to own a shop

Jaime III Street in Palma de Mallorca has rent of about 1140 Euro per square meter. This makes it one of the most luxurious shopping streets in the whole of Spain. This is on the basis of a study by the real estate company Cushman & Wakefield.

Compare that with Barcelona’s Portal de l’Angel which at 3240 euros per square meter is even more expensive street to run a shop on.

Worldwide it’s on 14th place. If you are interested to know, at 33,800 euros per square meter, most expensive street in the world is the Fifth Avenue in New York.

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