Hospitals in Alcudia for British Tourists

One must truly understand the importance of having a good medical healthcare in whichever corner of the world. Alcudia is considered to be the best place to visit for tourists because it tends to offer a lot of good facilities for them including healthcare.

Hospitals in Alcudia
Hospitals in Alcudia

Alcudia is one of the widely visited places by Britishers. As it gives a good glimpse of the country Spain in a very short span of time, Alcudia proves to be very popular with British families. However, Alcudia also ranks to be one place which gives good healthcare and good medical services for British tourists. It makes sure that they get the required medical attention they desire.

a) The National Health clinic (Ibsalut) is a national hospital service situtated in Alcudia Old Town and is  on the Carretera Formentera. Here, you can actually receive good treatment if you actually tend to possess a European Health Card (which has even replaced the old E111).

b) One must also take the original form and even get a photocopy of it, and attach your passport with you. The required  telephone number of the given National health clinic is 971 549 777.

c)There is also a good, basic National Health Clinic in the city of Puerto Alcudia on the given Calle Ciutadella No.7. Telephone 971 548 056.

d)If one required extended personal service then Alcudia also gives option of certain prestigious health care service centres. Here, there is also a private hospital which is in Playa de Muro (Calle Veler No.1).

Telephone: 971 891 900.

You can also visit their website at the given site and get more information about it:

d)If you also require an emergency service of  ambulance in a a very extreme emergency then one must take the efforts to ring the police on 092 or  even dial on the Helpline which is- 112.

Hope they would be able to make the required  arrangements. You may thus,well be asked to actually pay the given or required cost of the ambulance when it actually arrives. Make sure you have some given cash available.

Apart from that, one could also take down or remember these numbers for emergency requirements. Alcudia is a place that is visited by people from far abroad. Thus, European travelers  must remember that they have a right to free-of-charge medical treatment. People have advised that it is better to fill in Form E111 ( that is available at any Post Office in Alcudia).


There are also some private medical insurance, which is not free of charge, however it is advisable because it’s becomes less bureaucratic. Thus the process could be quicker. All non-european visitors are advised to thus get a private medical insurance which helps to save time.

Centro de Salud Alcúdia Safrà
Carrer Formentera, s/n. CP: 07400. Alcúdia
Tfno. (+34) 971 54 63 71 / Fax (+34) 971 54 79 15
Appointment 902 079 079

Unitat Basica de Salud Port d’Alcudia
C/ Ciutadella, 7, 07400 Alcudia (Mallorca)
Tfno. (+34) 971 54 80 59
Appointment 902 079 079

Hospital General de Muro
C/ Veler, s/n. CP: 07458. Platja de Muro
Tfno. (+34) 971 89 19 00

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