Comparison between Alcudia and Cala d’or: Where to visit in 2016

Like choosing between butter or jam or may be a red or blue, this option can also be quite difficult to chose from. What to opt for – Alcudia or Cala d’or ? which option can be a better option? It is time to take things lightly and wisely choose which option one may want to take. But before making a choice about where to hit off in Marjorca this vacation, it is good to know the difference in the two places.

Cala d’Or is a typical holiday resort on the very far east coast of Majorca that consists of three principal areas: which is the town centre of Cala d’Or, or even Cala Egos and also Cala Ferrera. It also offers many small, fine and nice sandy beaches that include Cala Gran, even Cala d’Or, Cala Egos, and also Cala Es Forti, Cala Serena and even Cala Esmeralda.

green and clean-clala d'or
green and clean-cala d’or

Alcúdia is a kind of some municipality and township of the very own Spanish autonomous community of the very nice Balearic Islands. It is actually the main tourist centre in the extreme  North of Majorca. It is a one kind of large resort popular crowded with home and families. Most of these hotels are far located in Port d’Alcúdia and also  Platja d’Alcúdia along the very 14 km long beach that kind of  stretches all the way to Can Picafort. In the town of  Alcúdia this kind of  old town is well and tend to be  preserved with houses that dates back to the 13th century. It is also surrounded by a nice, medieval wall.

beautiful alcudia
Beautiful Alcudia

Now, that we know of both the places, all that we have to do is make a choice between both the places. These points may just help you decide if Alcudia is the place to go :-

  • The old town of Alcudia has a market which is open both on Sundays as well as Tuesdays all year round. This is a place for collecting some good artefacts and collections of Spain.
  • Inside the walls there are also several popular restaurants and even bistros that are famous for good home-cooked food which are found in small settings. In Port d’Alcúdia most of these restaurants thus are located around the famous marina. Most of these well-kept  restaurants are only open in the tourist season.
  • There is this 4th-century wall and it is actually possible to step up on the wall and even be able to follow it almost all around the village. There are also remains of some typical Roman town just outside the good medieval town walls which lies in front of the Church of St. Jaume, belonging to the ancient city of Pollentia
  • Another good reason of may be deciding to go to Alcudia would be for the great small but most visited places. Irish bars and Indian restaurants are some places which will make you feel like home here.

Thus,  make a wise choice. If serenity and peace is what you look for, Cala d’or could be the right place, however Alcudia give you much more than that for the whole family.

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