Your travel to Alcudia: Sample Travel checklist

Travel packing list. Source:
Travel packing list. Source:

While planning for travel to Alcudia, do check out this article about how to plan your travel and travel packing checklist. There are some other things to note before you travel.


Do check out what you can bring and how much. You can refer to the Spanish embassy website.

Like in other EU countries, if you are from outside EU, you can claim a refund of the VAT in any of the Duty Free shops. You will need to fill in a registration form issued by the Customs office at the exit area.

What clothes should you carry?

Weather is Alcudia is very warm from June to September, so light clothes are recommended. For travel in other months, you can carry a light jacket.

If you intend to hike, carry suitable clothing and footwear. Do carry sun protection cream and a sun hat.

Photographers should bring an ultraviolet filter and a parasol to avoid gleams. Hermetic case will also come handy to protect the camera from getting damaged by sand on beaches.

Things Students should carry

Balearic Islands are very popular destination for young travellers. Mild weather, beaches and excellent nightlife is a deadly combination to attract young crowd. Many come only on a holiday and some come for work & fun.

Surely carry International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and Euro under – 26 to avail discounts on tickets for ferry, museums and other tourist attractions.

Things to carry for Kids

Since Alcudia is a popular family destination, there are many activities for kids.
Rental companies will mostly provide you with child safety seats, however, worth checking that before you go. Also worth packing basic medicines and first aid kit.

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