Different civilizations have lived together in Alcudia for over 4000 years and that has defined the landscape and the intense preservation work has been done on its historical and cultural heritage. The town of Alcudia has one of the best preserved monumental sites on Majorca. Below you may see the list of cultural sites and cultural routes in and around Alcudia.

Alcudia Old Town

alcudia old town

Walk around Alcudia old town
Walk around Alcudia old town will remind you of times gone by

The medieval town of Alcudia stands within an ancient Moorish fort wall from centuries ago. A great day out at the Alcudia Old Town and experiencing the authentic Majorcan life by visiting the reconstructed ramparts and walls, the two impressive gates, the Palma or Sant Sebastia Gate and the Xara or Del Port Gate is worth a visit and see.

Walls of Alcudia Route

walls of alcudia

Porta del Moll old gate house in Alcudia
Porta del Moll old gate house in Alcudia

As for the Walls of Alcudia route; holidaymakers may visit and see Medieval Wall, Mallorca Gate & Xara Gate, Renaissance Wall and Vila Roja Bridge & Gate

Alcudia Churches and Sanctuaries Route

church in Alcudia

Inside View of Sant Jaume
Inside View of Sant Jaume

As for the Alcudia churches and sanctuaries route; holidaymakers may visit and see the Church of Sant Jaume and the Museu Parroquial (Parish Museum), Oratory of Santa Anna, Cave of Sant Marti and La Victoria Chapel.

Roman Alcudia (Roman City of Pollentia)

roman city polletia

The Roman City of Pollentia is the Roman Alcudia located on the south of the historical quarter of Alcudia towards the port. The site covers between 16 and 18 hectares in which visitors may find several different excavation sites that allow us to discover aspects of life in this city and the site hosts thehouses of La Portella, the forum and the Roman theatre.

Pollensa Old Town in Pollensa (7 km. from Alcudia)


Port de Pollensa Promenade
Port de Pollensa Walking

Pollensa is another popular holiday resort in Majorca and the Pollensa Old Town is the heart of the city and located about 7 km. from Alcudia. The Pollensa Old Town is worth a visit and see and the beautiful town with its pretty streets and squares is beautiful.