As for the Walls of Alcudia route; holidaymakers may visit and see Medieval Wall, Mallorca Gate & Xara Gate, Renaissance Wall and Vila Roja Bridge & Gate

Medieval Wall
The Medieval Wall of Alcudia is designed King James II as a defence system. The building began in the 14th century and was completed at the end of the same century. The construction is composed of a quadrangular structure reinforced by 26 towers with a 1.5 km long perimeter and an average height of 6 metres and plus a valley, that defines the historical quarter of Alcudia. In 1974, it was declared a Historical and Artistic Monument, together with the ruins of the Roman city of Pollensa.

Mallorca Gate and Xara Gate

The Mallorca Gate, also known as the Sant Sebastia Gate is connected by the city of Alcudia with the Ciutat de Mallorca highway. Mallorca Gate has two freestanding towers connected by a large machicolation crowned with battlements and a city coat of arms from the 17th century. The Xara Gate, also known as the Moll Gate has a different structure that its two towers are linked by guard quarters with a small window. On the main round-arched gate, the portcullis that closed it can still be seen.

Renaissance Wall

The Renaissance Wall is the building on a second walled enclosure began in the late 16th century. The star shaped layout of low elevation bastions of the wall is surrounded the first enclosure, leaving a space between the two walls that served as a ring road. Today the Sant Ferran bastion only remains and inside of which the bullring was built. The reinforcement band that tops it off and a sentry box can be seen in its structure.

Vila Roja Bridge and Gate

Vila Roja Bridge and Gate is one of the three gates in the wall was located and this was the smallest one. The stone bridge built in the 19th century and was restored in 2004. It currently has an outdoor amphitheatre for 425 people that is totally integrated into the surroundings.