The Roman City of Pollentia is the Roman Alcudia located on the south of the historical quarter of Alcudia towards the port.

The site covers between 16 and 18 hectares in which visitors may find several different excavation sites that allow us to discover aspects of life in this city and the site hosts the houses of La Portella, the forum and the Roman theatre.

At La Portella, the ruins belong to a group of houses that include; the Els Dos Tresors house, which still preserves the floor plan arranged around the atrium, the Cap de Bronze house, and the Nordoest house. In addition to workshops, visitors may see the layout of the streets and a fragment of the Roman wall from the 3rd century A.D.

From La Portella, the Pollentia forum can be reached. The forum constituted the civic and religious centre of the city and also the ruins of the Capitoline temple can be seen as well as a group of tabernae that comprised the trading area. In the forum, excavation campaigns take place during the summer period. The long period of use of the area ended with the settlement of a necropolis.

The Roman theatre located on the outskirts of the city of Pollentia constituted its recreational centre starting in the 1st century A.D. Of its open air, semi-circular ground plan, much of the cavea, or seating area, remains, as well as the stage and ruins of a necropolis on top of the theatre structure, which was excavated into the rock, unlike most Roman theatres.