Alcudia or Cala Ratjada? Comparison between both and where to visit in 2016?

Both Alcudia and Cala Ratjada are great. However, if if you can visit only one of those, here is a comparison between Cala Ratjada and Alcudia.

Majorca could be a very different place to visit owing to the variances it gives to tourists who come all day. Thus, when on one side you have the beautiful and lively Alcudia, you also have cala d’or and the tremendous pleasure that it gives to people who come by.However there is one place which still remains hidden from the  eyes of the tourists.

It is also one of the places to be in Spain. There are many spots which you can visit and is sure not to get bored at this place.It is a kind of resort that would sit in the extreme north easterly point of Mallorca. It is a place that would be around one and a half hours from Mallorca’s airport in the place of Palma.

It is a town that would almost extend to either side of the Punta de Capdepera side of peninsula. It is right at the heart of the town and has great promenades that stretch from almost Playa Son Moll to even the south to Cala. So it is a great place to be.

Bay around cala ratjada

Alcudia could be the one place where actually youth and both people old could enjoy. This is a great get-away.

For people who know about Alcudia ( thanks to our blog) you may want to read a little more about Cala Ratjada:-

  1. Cala Ratjada is actually the closest point in Mallorca and also  to Menorca. Thus, on a clear day it is possible to see even the place of Ciutadella, the old capital of Menorca.
  2. There is the Capdepera lighthouse which  sits on the point of the place Punta de Capdepera and marks the most narrowest point between the two islands with the extreme Faro d’Artrutx on the good coast of Menorca. You can  also get a daily ferry between the place of Cala Ratjada and Ciutadella, it will only takes 55 minutes.
Beach mesquida

There is also this fishing port which is surrounded by some nice and  fine white sand beaches and also pretty coves, and has two different great characters depending on when you go. In winter, they would  virtually shuts down, apart from a nice and few permanent locals and also a handful of bars on the promenade. In summer , it looks like this great and crowded resort, with windsurfing, snor​kelling and then numerous discos, popular with the German community.

windy promenanda in here

Thus, the choice is completely yours If your interest lies in travelling and seeing new place in Mallorca for first time, may be Alcudia could be the place. However for being closer to nature and enjoying the beauty of sea, Cala ratjada is a popular choice.

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