Puerto Alcudia Nightlife

The Ultimate Guide to Puerto Alcudia’s Nightlife

Puerto Alcudia Nightlife
Experience a great party at Bells Alcudia

Looking for the best place to go to is a pretty daunting task, especially if you’re a tourist. Knowing the finest areas should be your top priority if you’re new to the place. You’ll discover great nightlife spots to hang out in Puerto Alcudia and you might even be lucky to find one at the Dollar Street. Dollar Street is pretty famous for its nightspots. Most travelers often find a lot of entertainment and even great nightlife activities like parties and live music to traditional entertainments within the area. There are even great night bars and clubs that you might want to visit as well.

Here are just some of the great bars that you might want to crash into once you’re around the Dollar Street:

Bananas Disco Complex

The Bananas Disco Complex is probably one of the liveliest spots in Alcudia. There are a lot of clubs and bars that you can choose from which includes the Banana Bar, La Nit, Cinq Glops, Unik, and Apple. You can even find the large club famous for its glass pyramid shape. The place is jam packed during the weekends as this is the usual spot where locals from the nearby towns usually gather to have parties. It’s fun, exciting and you can meet a lot of locals there as well.

The Marina Area

This is probably the best area to go around before you party at the Banana Disco Complex. There are several chic restaurants that you can go to if you want something to eat. There are even some great bars that you can just hang around and chill with your friends. Another great thing about the Marina Area is its many Irish bars where you can have your night filled with fun! One of the areas where locals usually go to is Shamrock which has a great view of the Marina Area.

Menta Disco Club Alcudia

If you’re looking for something hip and funky, you might want to consider going to Menta Disco Club in Alcudia. Menta is considered to be one of the biggest clubs around the north- west part of Mallorca. Famous for its live music and modern theme, it’s a great place to experience Alcudia’s night life and meet great locals and tourists alike. You can enjoy the night with of great music and fun and just feel the atmosphere. They even have fiesta and carnival nights where you can dress up and just enjoy the night as if you’re in a great festival!


Bells Alcudia
Nightlife at Bells Alcudia

Another great nightspot that you might want to visit is Bells. It’s one of the most popular disco bars in Alcudia that offers fantastic music and a great vibe. It’s also a perfect spot to hang out if you’re staying at the Sol Alcudia Centre Hotel. Chill down at Bells and just feel the vibe of a typical British bar. Enjoy the company of locals and fellow tourists alike as you enjoy the music and ambience of one of the most famous disco clubs in Alcudia.

Check out these great spots to have an even greater time in Puerto Alcudia.

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