Celebration of the Burial of the Sardine Mallorca


The finale of Carnival week sees the smouldering and entombment of a typical sardine

The burial of the Sardine is an impersonation burial service with four men carry a sardine as though it were a dead individual, while performers play memorial funeral psalms. The Sardine is paraded around before being hurled onto a vast burial fire.

Sardine MAllorca

The beginning point of this burial lies in the way the Jews teasted the Christians when the latter needed to start lent. In Son Carrio, the memorial service closes at the town square, with a festival of unrecorded music and moving. A sizeable bit of grilled sardine, serving salads, coques (Mallorcan baked goods and pasteries) and wine is offered to each one of the individuals who go to this party.

burial of the sardine murcia

The extraordinary and intense night parade that components a modest sardine is happening in a few towns on Mallorca, Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday). It signals the end of Carnival festivities and the start of Lent.

burial of the sardine murcia

burial of the sardine murcia

The parade is accompanied by a band playing properly grave music and also the nearby townspeople wearing customary outfit. The sardine is conveyed by pall-bearers to the town square where it is ceremonially smoldered. The entire thing is played satirically and everybody then appreciates platefuls of sardines and wine and a general gathering follows.

burial of the sardine murcia

burial of the sardine murcia

The entombment of the sardine will not be highlighted by all towns. Inca unquestionably is (head to plaça d’Antoni Fluxà for 7.30pm). Additionally, see:

Llucmajor – begins 8.30pm at carrer del Bisbe Taixequet and completes al Lloc Sagra

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