Sant Joan and Sant Pere beaches (Platja de Sant Joan i Sant Pere) are two beautiful beaches that are opening towards the bay of Pollenca. The beaches are located on two little covers.

They are 100 metre long fine sandy beaches and located on the north of the Alcudia old town, about 2 km. from Puerto Alcudia.

They are soft white sand dotted beaches with native vegetation and a charm that attracts residents and holidaymakers who are looking for peaceful areas with fantastic views.

The waters may be tranquil and idyllic or form playful waves that rock the bathers.

How to Get to Sant Joan and Sant Pere beaches?
Departing from Alcudia, you should take the Cami del Mal Pas for 1,5 km. and at the small roundabout you should turn left into the Carrer Caleta for about 100 metres. And than you should turn left again into the Cami de Manresa for 200 metres and finally you may reach the beaches. There is also s a little car park on top of the beach.