Puig de Sant Marti is a popular excursion area and it is located about 5,5 km. from Alcudia.

In Puig de Sant Marti, holidaymakers may find and take all kinds of walking, horseback riding and biking trips. In addition, paragliding or hang-gliding from the top is also popular for the extreme sports lovers. The cave of Sant Marti at the area is also worth a visit.

Caves of Sant Marti – This area is linked to one of the early Christian cults in the region. Stairs dug into the rock descend into the cave that where visitors may find two chapels that are dedicated to Sant Marti and Sant Jordi and built in the 13th and 14th centuries.

How to get to Puig i Cova de Sant Marti from Alcudia?

Starting the excursion from Alcudia, you should take the l’Esgleiassa road until you reach the Alcudia-Palma road.

There you should take the roundabout towards Palma and continue until you see the turn-off to the left for the Poble Nou road.

After a 20 min. walk along the road, you will come to a turn-off to the left that goes up to Puig de Sant Marti.

From there, you may climb to the top (a 30-minute walk) where you may see over the bays of Alcudia and Pollensa and the towns of Alcudia and the Port.

And on the way down from the top, you should follow the dirt path to the ring road to go to Sant Marti cave. You will find the cave about 2 mins. after crossing the road.