El Coll Baix beach is also a wonderful beach located on the promontory Cap de Pinar to the east of Alcudia.

The Coll Baix beach is so beautiful that it is also one of the most most unique beaches in Majorca. The beach has golden brown sand and its waters are crystal clear and turquoise. The beach is 250 meters long and 75 meters wide.

It is very popular for holidaymakers who love the outdoors. The El Coll Baix beach can only be reached by boat or by taking a short excursion (walking some kilometers along a path surrounded with pine trees) down a narrow path to the shore.

How to get to El Coll Baix from Alcudia?

Starting from the Sant Jaume church, you should go along Pollentia street toward Puerto Alcudia.

When you get to Hort dels Fassers park at the end of Eclipsi street, there you will see the l’Alou road that is turning to the right.

After a few kilometres uphill and downhill, you will reach the Muntanya road. There you should turn right and continue until you get to the Coll Baix houses.

From here, you may walk to two possible destinations that include; the Coll Baix beach (30 minutes downhill) or Talaia d’Alcúdia (75 minutes uphill).