S’Albufera Natural Park is a wonderful natural park and a nesting site for birdlife.

The park is is located about 6 km. from Puerto Alcudia, at Artà – Puerto Alcudia  road, on the km. 27.2 and between the municipalities of Sa Pobla and Muro.

The park has a total area of 1708,75 hectares and it is the largest and most important wetland area in Majorca.

Holidaymakers may discover the beautiful flora and fauna at the s’Albufera Natural Park.

How to get to S’Albufera Natural Park from Alcudia?

Starting off from Alcudia, you should take the highway next to the church and head toward the Albufera, passing by the municipal sports centre toward the Artà highway.

And then you should continue until you reach the Pont dels Anglesos bridge, to the right of which you will see the park entrance.

Here, you may take four walking/biking routes and you may visit the interpretation centre or make use of the bird-watching platforms.

As a summary, from Alcudia you just have to follow the Arta road until you reach the park entrance.